johnnysfan585's Journal

So I'm brand new to this, meaning I really don't have much idea on how livejournal works(have an understanding of the basics). I'm a big Johnnys Entertainment fan, the main reason I joined lj. I know no one in real life who even mildly appreciates Japanese music, much less a whole agency devoted to boy bands. I'm a music lover and didn't care for pop very much at all until I got into JE. It would be great to meet and talk to people who share similar interests or at least don't tell me that every Japanese group or actor I like looks like a girl. Also love jdramas and kdramas, have watched a few Taiwanese ones as well. Other random things about me, like to bake, read(currently on The Fountainhead), love cute but corny jokes, oh and I don't know why but in if there's some free time my friend and I look up pick up lines(they're rather hilarious). Here's one to finish off: Do you know what my shirt is made of? Boyfriend material.
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